Shawn Gillis is my name and Illustration is my game!


Hello there!

I'm Shawn Gillis - SG for short.

VirtualSG here on the internet!

I was born in Massachusetts, 1967, which means I grew up in the 70s and boy-howdy,

I enjoyed it!

I've always enjoyed drawing, but since this is the ABOUT PAGE, I'll tell you a little tale that should give you a bit of insight as to what kind of person I am - and how I got that way!

When I was 8 years old, I told my father,

“I want to be an actor; a director! A producer!

I want to make movies!”


“Do you know what a producer does?” father asked.



I was stumped.

I was 8 yrs old and there was no internet.  I didn't know what a producer did, actually.


Father told me.  “He's the guy who comes up with all the money.”

That was the last time I discussed making movies with my father.

By the later part of the 1980s, it occurred to me that I was kind of a winner - despite multiple influences that should have contradicted that outcome.


With this prevailing attitude, I recorded a lot of music, published a couple of comic books, printed lots of t-shirts and even produced my own local television show about cool cars.

In 1993 I managed to publish this crazy comic book

When the internet became a thing... can you guess what I did?

I produced more stuff.

Things were going well.

I moved to California in 2005.

There was a time when I was on course to becoming a hot-shot producer in Los Angeles, but... it's not the 70s anymore - or even the 80s.

The world has changed so much.

My dream of working in the entertainment industry was much more about the nostalgia of watching cartoons and old monster movies on TV in the 1970s than it was about actually producing contemporary features for modern audiences.

It's the classic story of a boy who got what he wanted and then realized it's not what he wanted after all.

I don't have to tell you how complicated life can be.

I live with weird insecurities and I've been flat broke and back again several times over - but I've maintained my integrity as a producer of “stuff” through thick and thin. is about my work as a designer/illustrator/Cartoonist/Clown.

I try not to take myself so seriously these days.

Most days are pretty good.

You know something, though?

I still think about making movies sometimes. Maybe someday...